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  • Stehen wir nun in einer systemrelevanten Umwälzung? 


  • Die Gegenwart anders denken...     (Contreras Romero 2018)


  • Un PENSAMIENTO conectado con la VIDA  Francisco Varela (1946-2001) 



  • Un PENSAMIENTO que nace desde el espacio-tiempo PACHA 

Das panandinische Kernkonzept "PACHA: Raum[Materie] & Zeit[Geist]" ergänzt Einsteins Spime (Space+Time) und liefert neue  logische Zusammenhänge.  

El concepto panandino "PACHA: espacio[materia] y tiempo[espiritu]"

amplia el termino Spime (Space+Time) de Einstein y

ofrece herramientas logicas nuevas ....  (Arriagada Peters 2020) 

Avatars of Form in the Space-time Pacha   (Arriagada Peters 2019)
Pacha is a key pan-Andean concept. “Pacha: space-[matter] and time-[spirit]”, propose a relative and time-spacial origin of everything. A scenario in which the form/idea [matter-spirit], the fair linkage of material and inmaterial in the (space-time) Pacha, is the one that conferred existence to ideas. For the wise philosophers of the pre-Columbian America, a concept without spatialization - that is say ‘only material’- is an idea in process, 
still looking for a material expression to be complete and enjoy existence. Thus the Andean philosophy invites us to link the idea with the form [idea/form], understood as a indisoluble unit in a relative and constant changing (space-time). As direct consequence of it, the avatars of the [idea/form] in the Pacha are constant, cyclical and relative changes.   Keywords: Pacha, space-time, form.



  • La AUTOPOIESIS... una teoria actualisima!

 La Autopoiesis es la autoorganización de moleculas.... Ella es, la condición fundamental para  el surgimiento de la vida.  (Maturana Romesin & Valera Garcia 1980) 





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