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Was/Wer ist systemrelevant?  Stehen wir vor einer systemrelevanten Umwälzung?

 Die Gegenwart anders denken...     (Contreras Romero 2018)


Was/Wer ist systemrelevant?  Stehen wir vor einer systemrelevanten Umwälzung?


Das panandinische Kernkonzept "PACHA: Raum[Materie] & Zeit[Geist]" ergänzt Einsteins Spime (Space+Time) und liefert neue  logische Zusammenhänge.   

El concepto panandino "PACHA: espacio[materia] y tiempo[espiritu]"

amplia el termino Spime (Space+Time) de Einstein y

ofrece herramientas logicas nuevas ....  (Arriagada Peters 2020) 

Avatars of Form in the Space-time Pacha   (Arriagada Peters 2019)
Pacha is a key pan-Andean concept. “Pacha: space-[matter] and time-[spirit]”, propose a relative and time-spacial origin of everything. A scenario in which the form/idea [matter-spirit], the fair linkage of material and inmaterial in the (space-time) Pacha, is the one that conferred existence to ideas. For the wise philosophers of the pre-Columbian America, a concept without spatialization - that is say ‘only material’- is an idea in process,
still looking for a material expression to be complete and enjoy existence. Thus the Andean philosophy invites us to link the idea with the form [idea/form], understood as a indisoluble unit in a relative and constant changing (space-time). As direct consequence of it, the avatars of the [idea/form] in the Pacha are constant, cyclical and relative changes.   Keywords: Pacha, space-time, form.



La AUTOPOIESIS... una teoria actualisima!


La Autopoiesis es la autoorganización de moleculas.... 

Ella es, la condición fundamental para  el surgimiento de la vida.  (Maturana Romesin & Valera Garcia 1980) 


AGUA es VIDA....   Hidráulica Andina

WATER is LIFE   "The world of the past can offer many solutions [...]  demostrating that problems can solved by human endeavour and ingenuity and that the future is no different from the past in this regard," (Ortloff 2009, 405) 


 El Redescubrimiento de las Matemáticas Precolombinas desarrollado por el Prof. Dr. Marcos Guerrero Urena (1943-2015) 




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